Green Eco Dry Cleaning

green earth eco-friendly dry cleaning

What is GreenEarth® Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning?

“It’s a whole new gentle world of clean”

GreenEarth® cleaning used at Parkers Aurora is an environmentally friendly and safe dry cleaning process that leaves your garments looking brighter, feeling softer and smelling fresher. Garments are cleaned in a pollution free gentle silicone based solvent, similar to deodorant.

The GreenEarth® eco-friendly dry cleaning solution was developed by General Electric in the late 1990s to help ensure cleaner clothes and a cleaner environment.

The magic of GreenEarth® is the unique way it has been designed to work with detergents and the cleaning action of dry cleaning machines to remove stains and soil from fabric fibers without “touching” them.

Some GreenEarth® facts:

  • Eco-friendly dry cleaning – will not pollute our water, soil or air.
  • Gentle on all fabrics – extends garment life.
  • Clothes are softer and colours are brighter.
  • Completely odourless – no chemical smell.
  • Safe for skin, allergies.